Lyrics to 'American' Man
'American' Man Video:
I flush some water some need water to survive
I pollute their land with the products that I buy
4 to my family we each need a car
they ask us why I need it i say it's just how we are
if I stop my consumption it'll never be enough
like I'm doing my part wearing shirts that say ?love?

what a privilege to live in the united states
I'm white, middle class, I'm conditioned this way
I open my eyes and I can't help but see
my taxes are a tax on humanity
I'm entwined in the power till the day I die
and now they hate us, we wonder why, wonder why

they call it a way of life but its really a way to die
trying to live the best way that I can
but I'm an "american" man

I don't deserve to be greeted when I come to your shores
I think I'm helping but couldn't be more wrong
not just as troops but as NGOs
we call it support but we know it's control
this one's for the women, for "making them free"
we believe, we believe, it's not like that for me
bombs look like food when they fall from the sky
when they curse our name
don't wonder why, wonder why

good intentions guide us, but that's not enough
the path to hate is always paved with love
we're giving this our hearts and doing what we can
we fight, we keep on fighting, we'll fight until the end
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