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Lyrics to American Dream
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oh my grandparents had it, my parents had it too
their education consisted of elementary school
i bust my ass at a job, it don't pay off for me
a little house, wife, kid and a dog
don't make no sense for me cuz
'what ever happened to what ever happened to
my American dream
90210, 90210
somebody tell what happened to my
American dream
90210, 90210
back in el monte they landed, came in a pick up truck
they worked an honest day, didn't need no luck
everyday the men would work the women would stay at home
nowadays they both are gone, the kids are all at home alone
now that i've passed it off as dream and not reality
things are much easier, they just don't bother me
in fact i've got to say that things are pretty good
it doesn't matter to me if all these nickels are made of wood
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