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America, America
My dad sure believed in you
Said, "A man's got to do what he's got to do"
Got his degree at your diploma barn
He was the first kid off the farm
Gonna change the world with chemistry

But I know he'll do
What you ask him to
For America

Buy a new house with a tailored front yard
Run up all the credit cards
There's more where that came from
It's a cinch
But I knew by the age of six
I'd never make a scientist
When I saw the price you paid in their trenches

But I know he'll do
What you ask him to
For America

They cut the moorings of your sacred ship
Pushed her out, and they let her drift
Then the wind changed unannounced
Brought a new friend home to watch TV
To help you deal with the anxiety
She measured out her love in ounces

Yeah, I've seen you do
What she asked you to
For America

I remember standing 'round
On the vacant corner of some playground
Hoping we would get you back
Dying to make contact, contact, contact
With America

Now I struggle to pretend
And to fill the gaping holes in
And remember all you did
Looking back to take inventory
Put the best construction on the story
I'm now writing for my kids

'Cos I know you'd do
What they asked you to
For America

America, America
God, shed Your grace
In his lonely heart this evening
And if he falls asleep tonight
Gather him and hold him tight
And help me with this grieving

'Cos I know he'd do
What You ask him to
I salute You
Songwriters: MALLONEE, BILL
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing
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