Lyrics to Amend
Amend Video:
Well it follows me around all day this heavy burdens breaks me to the ground. Bags of stones in my arms stacked my mind is colored black I walk around. I have the power to let go but lack the humility to own my part of the equation. And that's my situation. My mind is cooking blood well done. Responsibility runs out the door. And yes I have been hurt and cheated but cuz I'm so attached, I ask for more. Sit in my head and dwell and dwell and curse you to the lowest hell for eternity. So you can sit with me. My mind is reeling, my head out of control my teeth clench up. My heart contracts and yes it's getting old for me now but I can't stop -no! there's a message in my face that I don't want to see. Cuz resentment is the poison that I take to kill you - but it's killing me. I know I played a part in this and I must take some blame or else I'm doomed. I know I played a part in this if I admit my fault it will all be over soon. I'm sickly, drained there is no gain and this poisons running through my veins and I want some serenity to reclaim my divinity

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