Lyrics to Ambitious As A Ridah
Ambitious As A Ridah Video:
It's brick squad monopoly
I'm half of the property
Straight out of the streets
Murder mayham and poverty
Kill a nigga right
Never hesitate sloppily
Hold down the C press control now copy me
I'm straight out of the white house
Reaching for democracy
1-800 you niggas my kids you can't father me
I be on logically
We act rich, you backwards
Any be kill a leader , booth so tragic
You fucking with a bastard, practice with a ratchet
Not the one you fuck, but the one that you plat with
Free my nigga buchi, you can't deal with a savage
And loyalty and trust better park it jurassic
Everything magic, while I'm future
Keep a pussy baby shit I really have you rooster
Rooster with my roosters, walker got the recipe
Niggas all good like rest in peace
Clutch it with my referee, fuck a nigga specialties
I don't fuck with snitches so it's nothing that you tellin' me
Heavenly and daringly the streets is my wedding ring
Married to the mob, fuck a bitch, how you feel?
Gotta tell the truth in the booth 'cause it's real
They grinding with my grinders we crazy with the llama
White on white bit but the interior's llama
Never overlooked a man going through his problems
Got some million dollar cum for these hoes when they swallow
They swallow everything, I'm just looking for the mouth
Not the combo
5 or 4 murders squad bitchin' I'm tanto
On the road to riches, you an indian geronimo
Bitchin' I'm a chief keep the green like I'm rondo
Me and Lil Jon though, loaded up 9 more
Building on your head, and you looking like a condo
Fuck a fuck nigga you a gay no condom
It's all out brick squad the motherfucking hanchos
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