Lyrics to Amber
Amber Video:
It's Thursday night and I can't sleep, I gotta work tomorrow
can hardly wait for my relief, my escape from my sorrows

the sweat is running down my eyes, I fight a losing battle
against my self-serving lies, I really need the bottle

Friday evening, home from work, don't change clothes and don't shower
stop feeling like a useless jerk, as soon as I embrace her power

and there she is, my liquid, amber saviour
now one more drink and every drop I'll savour
I'm zoning out getting intoxicated
forget about the things that I once hated

she makes my world go spinning round
she lifts my feet from off the ground
she brings some meaning to my life
and she alleviates the strife
it's good to know I'll always have a safe home
it's good to know I'll never be all alone

the alcohol will never fail me
the alcohol will never bail on - me
the alcohol will always warm me
fence off depressive thoughts that swarm on - me

amber - I love you
amber - never leave me!
amber - I love you
and I know you need me!
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