Lyrics to Amber
Amber Video:
Glorious land of plentitude
Its people of multitude
Fields and the mighty rivers
Were the cornerstone of the Nation
Impossible woods watched the ends
Sheltered people and their secrets

Unending history goes on
People had formed a Nation
Now only trees are humming
About the glory of the Founding Fathers

Waves of the northern sea
Carried by salty wind
Wash the face of this land
Stones of history lie there
Amber - silent witness of events

Amber born in the sea
Where great trees shed their tears
Those that were humming here
Before the child of man set his foot in this woods

A state was created, wide and invincible
Amber retains the sleeping spirits
And might of the Founding Fathers
Who shall find the power to awake the Heroes?

The one who solves the mystery
Through prism of honey stone
He will find the way to those who passed
He will find the power to future struggle

In the youth of this state
Amber became the key
To the great hall of history
Spreading its honey glare
To route across the River
Gold of the North
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