Lyrics to Amber Cascades
Amber Cascades Video:
Amber cascades forming flowing, taking time swiftly growing
All this time I've been knowing, she's been faster I've been slowing
In my mind clitter clatter, fine wine chitter chatter
I'm fine pitter patter up the steps, go climb your ladder

Hit the floor, through the door walks a whore, wants to score
Wants some more, "Is it yours? Will I adore it like before?"
Changing shades, hand played, deck laid, bed made
Lights fade, pigs raid, razor blade escapades

Amber cascades

Through a crack in a dream, high on smack so it seems
Memory lapse, moonbeam and stacks of hand cream
What a life, what a godsend, what a wife, for the weekend
What strife for a short bend, got a pipe for an old friend?

Times changing, I'm bolder; you're aging and colder
Now you're engaging, you smolder, looking over your shoulder
On a night, on a day, I might walk away
You're looking tight so I say, "It's alright, you can stay"

Are you clean? Are you well? Left the scene? "Go to hell"
Where you been? ?Can't you tell?" What's it mean when it swells?
Take some time feeling clever; you're not mine, were you ever?
I'm fine, you're in leather, it's time for better weather
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