Lyrics to Amazon ABC
Amazon ABC Video:
A you`re an Amazon B coming Brave an strong C Clearly and Consciously you D you`re so Dykey E how you Excite me, how F -ortunate a Female Faculty, oh G I Guess it`s Good for me H How Heavenly I never knew how butchy I could be J for sweet Justice K for sweet Kisses L e-s-b-i-a-n for Letting go of M -e- N O -pression is no longer Over me, oh P is Political: Power to the Personal Q for the Queer you feared you R Remember you gotta Respect your S -Sential Sensibility (Sexuality) T -ime and Truth Touch (BeTween us is a Tie) U -terine empathy V is for Vagina, the Virgin you can W experience (a universe) until you can do just (get through to) X -actly what (where) you want to X-ist Y let them drive you cra-(not Y`s up bit it`s not ea-) Z Now I know my ABC`s Next time won't you sing with me

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