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Lyrics to Amaryllis In The Sprawl
Amaryllis In The Sprawl Video:
Looking real pretty in her anorak
Between A1-11 and the railway track
Amaryllis has a dream of traffic cones
And a crumpled raincheck for the pleasure dome
She says, "Nothing is unbearable, nothing is unbearable"
Peering through the window at the greasy sky
And the complicated beauty of a river run dry
Everything connected to her pleasure and pain
She's gonna try it all once then do it all again
As if everything's a riddle to her
Everything's a riddle to her

All of history: slack demented poetry
Take a look at Amaryllis in the sprawl
And the Road-Kill Kitten wants to feel it all

Out around the ring road in the falling dark
Between the heritage center and the business park
Amaryllis thinking on the World and I:
The way the mud don't love you
And the trees don't cry
All of it's embarrassing
All of it's embarrassing

All of history lit up like a christmas tree
Take a look at Amaryllis in the sprawl
And the car park's freezing but the rain don't fall

Amaryllis moving through the shifting night
It's a temporary structure but it feels alright
The flesh of the city where it's got no bones
And everywhere's America and nowhere's home
And I dropped her off at Kidderminster
Dropped her off at Kidderminster

All of history: not all it's cracked up to be
Take a look at Amaryllis in the sprawl
And the electric eyeballs get to see it all
Isn't it delirious?
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