Am I Looking For You Lyrics

Brian Kennedy

Great War Of Words

Lyrics to Am I Looking For You
Am I Looking For You Video:
When I'm tired, when days have come easier
If I'm searching am I looking for you
Spoken words, they always sound so used
Mine are now new, but I hope they'll do
Am I looking for you

Well I rose and the morning offered sweetness
Hard to refuse, something's gone, now I must be
Learning, so completely are you needed by me
That I'm forever falling without warning
Am I falling for you
Like in some contest that no one wants to lose
Fear would take control and promise rue

Still there's time, there is experience
Like a fortune waiting for me
Straight behind I've left what isn't mine
In the same way and with each display
Am I looking for you, oh I'm forever falling but I
Get no warning, am I looking for you
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