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The Havoc

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Lyrics to Always Have A Choice
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We always have a choice
At least I think we do
Always tried so hard
I thought this to be true

Ashes to ashes, I'm in love with asses
How you chasin' pussy but don't see that money passin'
Pass, shoot, pow. Would you answer if I asked you?
How long you think that silly livin' gonna last you?
And where you see yourself in like five years?
Time fly - you ain't dealin' with light years
Need a bright idea that'll take me outa here
But misery brought my company
And I ask it what it want from me
My focus
It'll eat up any ambition like locusts
I could never see myself bein' on that broke shit
Pry way down thinkin' "how'd I ever blow this?"
And them OGs know this
But we laugh when they approach us
Experience is the best coaches
So I'mma listen
Mouth shut and ears open


I'm doin' things I did in nine-five in the youtube era
I'm bent on camera, catchin' all of my errors
Drunk sayin; things that I wouldn't say normally
Disprespectin' rappers that I adored enormously
It was me, but then it wasn't me
A certain reason why these hoes only wanted me
Lookin' for the truth but it was right in front o fme
Pound one-love but I wasn't even lovin' me
Livin' like my head was on backwards
_______ now your ass is on back taxes
No role models
No practice
Niggas wilin' out around me got your boy on the black list
Consider this verse like a soundtrack to my life
Down 3-1, can I bounce back?
No question, faith will lead you
People make mistakes but mistakes make people


Yeah, I love hip-hop cause it gave me that outlet
To express things about me I ain't figured out yet
Me and it got an unbreakable bond
Even when it's down south, that's my mothafuckin dawg
Brought me through the storm
Past all the hate
And no matter what it may (show a nigga ate?)
Been through a lot on the grind together
Not just the president of the struggle
I'm a member

(Chorus) x 3
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