Lyrics to Already
Already Video:
Time time time
Be be be
Grow grow grow
Show show show
No no no

What is it that you think that you understand?
Who is it, God is laughing, laughing at your plans.

Everybody knows how not to be won.
Everybody knows how to just have fun.
Everybody knows what the hell they've done.
Everybody knows...

And so you think you're misunderstood
So you think that you're just no good.

You can't keep from the wrong from not being right
You can't make a black hole want to be bright
You can't turn your back on your own life
You can't turn your back...

Don't have the time not to wonder why
It's still got to be hello or goodbye
Take the time to grow something that ain't gone
Take the time to show what where you belong

You already know how to be that strong
You already know...

I'm tired.
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