Lyrics to Alone
Alone Video:
What happened to this world, this place i call my home.
I sit alone and watch the tick tick tick of the clock on the wall,
as the hands countdown to the end of us all.

I stand alone in this world you fucked up with the grip of your hand,
a world full of killing and hatred,
What can i do to change the ways of this society gone to hell,
I stand alone!

Fuck this stereotypical society,
were not free, we dont own anything, we have nothing,
you think you are, you are wrong, we are all run by a higher corrupt being.

We all stand alone in this society we try to be, a society where its everyman for himself, where what we become is decided for us, lets make a stand to take down the force that tries opprese and control our every move, were a sinking, lets set it right, raise your fist, lets make a stand.
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