Alone In My Room Lyrics

Jo Davidson

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Lyrics to Alone In My Room
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When times are the worst you see who you've got
you know what is real and you find out what is not
I thought I had something but now I hurt so bad
You think you have things that you donÕt really have

Oh I'm a fragile tough girl break me if you can
I'm a fragile tough girl
Oh I'm a fragile tough girl
steady as a tree and life is

when times are so harsh there's no room for lies
the world is screaming and you're craving lullabies
awake in the night asleep in the day
everything's so raw and it's not ok

where do you go when you're hurting inside
who do you turn to and where do you hide
to all things their season to all things their time
I believe in the sun even when it doesn't shine
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