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Lyrics to Alley Oop
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Kavelin Music/Gary S. Paxton Music, Inc./Acoustic Music
BMI -- Master #55201
Dallas Frazier

Hey hey hey
Da da da
That's what I say
Da da da

There's a man in the funny papers we all know
Alley Oop Oop, Oop Oop Oop
He lived way back a long time ago
Alley Oop Oop, Oop Oop Oop
Well he don't eat nothin' but bearcat stew
Alley Oop Oop, Oop Oop Oop
Oh well this cat's name is a-
Songwriters: FRAZIER, DALLAS
Publisher: Lyrics © Chrysalis One Music, KARIN MUSIC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
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