Lyrics to All You Got
All You Got Video:
I'm not the same.
I'm so afraid, I think I'm lost.
I've got a problem,
or lack thereof at least.
You see, I'm out east
and so far west
you rest your pretty head tonight.

Cause you're there
and I'm here
so let's solve it all tonight.
Cause you're there, and I'm here
so let's solve it all tonight.
Give me give me one shot,
give me give me one shot,
baby give me all
all you got.

We stole this night
but only one, so make this count.
It's not a problem
cause no one here will know.
And when I'm out east
and you're far west,
we'll never be the same again.

And if you wanna bump
don't stop
don't talk
baby, let's go.
I know you know that I want to.
Cause if you wanna hit
don't get
scared yet.
Baby you won't.
I know you crave it,
you want to, want to go.

I let your cigarette burn between my lips,
and though I hate the smoke it feels so good.

Chorus x2
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