Lyrics to All We Need
All We Need Video:
You`re making up, you make your body shine,
Youre sutan really makes you look so fine,
When you go out with me you`re just what I need.
I`d like to have a little talk with you baby
But you keep saying that`s the last we would need,
All we would need.

To help me do the work I gotta do
I`ve got to be in harmony with you
When you ask to make love, well heaven`s above.
Could I deny you your sweet comfort dear
And ever leave you lonely or in fear,
Yes, you are all that I need, baby you got it for me.

We`ll stick together through out every day
Communication, knowing we`re are not in,
To find an easier livin` that we can lead.
Having to fight destroys our understanding
We have to care `bout things we share,
We`ve got all we need, all what we need,
Baby, you got it for me.
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