Lyrics to All To Order
All To Order Video:
Would you know paradise
If it stood before your eyes
Would you dress like a whore
Charge admission at the door
Would you abuse it
Cheat and use it
Would it be your will
Turn a blind eye to the dove's cry
Out on your window sill
All to order
Divide and conquer
All to order
The dance of light synchronized
Behind the static on your screen
Is putting words in your mouth
And a reason to believe
The neon glow of the all-night show
Keeps us coming back for more
The cleaning man with broom in hand
Sweeps the love from the floor
All to order
Divide and conquer
All to order
Beneath the barbed wire
In the crossfire
We arrive without fail
And in the clearing
Among the screaming
We find the serpent eats its tail
Orders called as gavels fall
In hope to silence all
But deaf we are in time of war
And love from us is torn
Friends and foes together go
Into the undertow
And on return beginnings burn
Repeat, repeat, return
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