Lyrics to All To Gray
All To Gray Video:
why can't it be simple like it is when we were young instead everything is hard nothing makes
sense i can't figure anything out all i can do is sit and let the tears roll down my face as
my eyes fill everything turnes to gray all grows cold and dark between us and what i once felt
for you now lies ruined of all the knives you've stabbed me in the back with one has finally
found my heart and like venom hurt and confusion pump through every inch of my body all that
i want is to heal your wounds how can i escape my open sores i sacrifice my well-being to
become your support and i doing so i fall to the blade that is your affection i'm cut and
broken and still i struggle on for you you deserve so much but what can i do i bend like the
reed to your will only to be cut down by the scythe that is your love i set myself up to be
knocked down i walk right into your trap but thoughts of love shine in my eyes and clutching
at straws i follow their light what i don't realise is that i've been beaten and the lights
go out forever gone all to gray
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