All these Birds in my Hair Lyrics

il gato

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Lyrics to All these Birds in my Hair
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With my head in the clouds so much you would think I surely must have seen the sky
And with all of these birds in my hair and the sun talking in my ear I still wonder why
But sometimes your heart is so much tougher than your eyes
It will enter the lion's den while all the other wounded patiently wait in line
But nowadays, I only hear the birds say, ?Be light?
?Be light?

But there is a dream made of lead, your Medusa-haired head gently lying on my bed
A love barely breathing in all these slippery things we dread
Then you so slowly speak and I hear it in the breeze
As the sparrows on your tongue are stifling a scream
I hear you say, as the birds they fly away, ?Be light?
?Be light?
?Be light?
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