Lyrics to All The Way
All The Way Video:
Don't stop and think put the wheels back in motion

All systems go not a speed bump in site

Spend too much time waiting for a resolution

And all along it was you who was right

I will always be wating for you

Come on, Come on

Let's get on the road

So long, so long

To all that you know

Follow, follow

The amber lights home

Get a taste of life on your own

Don't hold your breathe waiting for another answer

Turn up the stereo as loud as it goes

We're staying static, I can't take it any longer

Where will end up? Nobody knows

Just take a look around

And don't think back on

All the words you didn't say

It's almost over now

So let's go all the way

Forget yesterday

We'll pack our bags and leave this place

Say goodbye to everything you used to hate

We'll go all the way

We'll go all the way

And I will, always, be waiting for you

And we'll spend our days driving

With nothing else to do!
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