All The Mercy We Have Found Lyrics

Vigilantes Of Love

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Lyrics to All The Mercy We Have Found
All The Mercy We Have Found Video:
Gotta keep a sharp eye on your heart and the company it keeps
You know the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak
These days, people swallow about anything to relieve their starvation
I see a whole lot of ghosts on the day of their capitulation

Think about my ship aground
All of the people I let down
Yes, and the mercy we have found

I'm not saying my hands are clean
Lord knows my guilt, and I'm not faultless
I've numbered, addressed and confessed these skeletons in my closet
Ah, please draw near
Would You bathe and caress these equal parts faith and hopelessness?
Equal parts joy and gloom all wrapped up inside this empty tomb

If you borrow heavily from a thief in an effort to save
What you spend on your false self, you've got the devil to pay
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