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Inkubus Sukkubus

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Lyrics to All The Devils Men
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All the Devil'sMenIn Christ's name they do their evilAll the Devil's MenStill mad and medievalWith their swords and with their gunsAnd poisoned words upon their tonguesAll the Devil's MenHear the children screamFor they shall teach them Christian valuesPut monsters in their dreamsAnd subject them to pain and tormentWith their straps and with their canesThey shall teach them fear and shameAll the Devil's MenIf they can't burn you at the stakeThen your children they will takeWith the malice of their liesThey are here to defileTo destroy all our livesWhat they do, they do for ChristAnd we are all the victimsEvery man, woman and childAll the Devil's MenTheir twin gods are Christ and SatanAll the Devil's MenHide your babes for they shall take themWith the law upon their sideThey bring death and genocideAll the Devil's MenBy the sword and by the lashThey will break you, they will take youIn the shadow of their crossLie the victims of their torturesIn the churches and the schoolsThey still take us for their foolsAll the Devil's MenAll the Devil's MenClutching to their dying empireAll the Devil's MenClutching at their blood-stained biblesTheir final days have come at lastAnd they shall fade into the pastAll the Devil's Men!

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