All That I Ever Wanted Lyrics

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Lyrics to All That I Ever Wanted
All That I Ever Wanted Video:
no longer on the same side
your rolling eyes no longer shine so bright
I won't regret our time
but the worst part is thinking you thought that I never tried
I need to finish this thought, and work my way back to the start again
I'll write it down to try and keep track
cause if I don't, like you, I know it's never coming back

I guess that I should have noticed
that I had taken for granted
all that I ever wanted
You messed me up but I guess I deserved it

replace everything that I said
just hear me right now and never forget
I never meant to let this slip
but we're both too stubborn to try and start again

and every goodbye is still filling me with doubt
I guess I'm stuck with something that I'll never figure out
but every right turn still led to this dead end
I need to learn from this so it will not happen again
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