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Lyrics to All Smiles And Mariachi
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I was watching your mouth move in and out
In little unexpected ways
Not hearing a word that you said in over twenty minutes
On occasion i grunt and give you a knowing stare
Focused on what i hope is a pivotal moment
I went to the other house
I got the key from the guard and i let myself in
I knocked on the door twice and rang once
Could you watch this for me until i return
All smiles and mariachi
They're playing the dating game theme
We ordered some cheese dip, a tea, and two light beers
I feel i should be talking, rather saying something
Instead of nodding and eating most of the chips
My confidece is returning
I'm relating and remarking in an improved fashion
So much that i decide to stop on my way home
So much that i decide to stop for donuts on the drive home
I went to the last house on the list
I was relieved to find that my services were no longer required
They were no longer required
I was relieved to find my services no longer required
Songwriters: WAGNER
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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