All She Wants Is You Lyrics

Dave Barnes

Golden Days

Lyrics to All She Wants Is You
All She Wants Is You Video:
She don't need the angels to keep her company.
When the wind is full of worry and her heart won't let her sleep.
She ain't gonna say it, but that don't make it untrue.
All she wants is you.

You would never see it, she'd never let you know.
Cause love's been a landmine that hurt whoever got too close.
She don't need nobody 'cause she's never had to choose.
All she wants is you.

She ain't a liar, but it's hard to tell the truth.
When she's just doing everything she's learned to do.
Cause her heart was a secret until you.

You ain't gotta help her, she don't need you brave.
She may still love you, but her heart ain't yours to save.
Love that's the strongest you never have to prove.
All she wants is you.
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