Lyrics to All Over
All Over Video:
(you and me in silence) (you and me in love) I can see your face barring the dim light, baby i can feel your embrace it's making me weak now, baby i wanna feel your hands all over and in my mind i want to explode now, baby to be one with time you make me ... honey you make me scream you make me ... honey you and me together, baby speaking without words you and me together, darling it's like a curse (>repeat<, honey) it's always the same now, sugar we just don't speak and i'm going started you make me weak like no one else you know how to reach me and like no one else now eager to teach me you make... honey you and me together... (repeat) forever and always, baby me and you all over my body, baby always you (you and me in silence) (you and me in love)

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