Lyrics to All On Me
All On Me Video:
Come and sense better tell you to grind and hustle Hit the streets like a mad, use your mind and muscle We be all about the cream, living space age phantasies Tryin to make my wallet green as a canapee We beat them niggaz, hoes break to defense about Tell them hoes how we beat that pussy inside out I love it when you give me head in the benz Up and down swallow, we gettin to win Never bashing women just them hoes to be given Headshots and whack knock to people for livin Who am I ? Just another MC murderer Judge citizen, all hip hop purgerer To death make a loose with the micro Hangin niggaz from his feet till the blood store Drippin from the nose suffocating them weak hoe Nobody want you knock the fuck around with Primro Suave affiliated nigga, we get much respect From niggaz with check and all the checks we collect Let me tell you about this Suave House Fam shit The only niggaz with the 4 in the hand prime shit Give me the money and the hoes and the good weed And the mic so I can practise killing MCs Dark dreams still come back in full colour Fire and big smoke, chokin motherfuckers Hard pounded, the whizzle of the wind soundin Like a woman screamin in a poo drownin Am I insane from the frames givin to my brain Eyes photograph all my people and their pain Weak motherfuckers loosin and twist the game See some bullshit and blow out their own brain ??? to the lies, arm full of ivys Motherfuckers criticize and denie me But who is the mad one? (who is the mad one) Who is truely insane? (who is truely insane) But who is the mad one? (who is the mad one) Who is truely insane? (who is truely insane) It's all on me, It's all on me It's all on me, It's all on me

Songwriters: PREMRO SMITH / T. JONES
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