Lyrics to All Of Yours
All Of Yours Video:
My blood bleeds red
For all those thoughts you left unsaid
Well how could you let your guard down
And let me impose
We're dying the further this thing goes
Well can we go back to where we were before
You dropped your heart on my floor
'Cause it was easiest to hide it all away
And never say what we were thinking
No you'd never catch me blinking that night
'Cause I was all of yours
But don't say we became too late
Well I just think you're humoring yourself
Let me say one more thing before you fly
And this charade is out of sight
I've been wrong but now I'm right
So let your precious sky come down on you tonight
I'm right outside
With every useless key I've tried
You're seamlessly wrapped in secrets
Unraveling now
But you don't know just why or how

(left your heart at my door)
(blinking those nights)

(Let me say one more thing before these
Beautiful mistakes we've made run dry
Well I thought this would all blow by
And everything would just turn out alright
And this would all be fine)
So say goodbye to days like these
I'll give it one more try and hope it all seems better in your eyes
Well maybe not this time
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