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Idina Menzel

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Lyrics to All Of The Above
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I am your sexy girl
I am your baby girl
I am your innocence
I am your mother
I'm Lady Chatterly
Or Lady Chastity
Or some anonymous lover

I can be your little virgin (at the Commack Motor Inn)
Or your dominatrix (in your parent's bed)
We'll play some spin the bottle
We'll play some Marvin Gaye
Or we can dress you up in women's clothing

Chorus: Let's go shopping at the Pink Pussycat You talk to the salesman
I'll hide in the back
I may be bashful but
I got the cash 'cause
I ain't afraid to try new things like that
Whatever you're thinking
Whatever you're feeling
I'll be either one or
All of the above

I'm a widow in mourning (lonely for your love)
I'm the bride on her wedding day (and you are not the groom)
I'm a singing telegram at 2AM
Or the french maid who comes to clean your room


I'll keep you guessing, babe
You won't need confession, no
I'll be either one or
All of the above

Well I couldn't imagine
If I couldn't be myself
'Cause if you're afraid to ask for what you want
Then you might rebel
But if you've got that combination, where
You can play some 'show and tell'
Well don't be shameful
I am your rainbow
Liberate your body and
Soothe your soul

I can be your baby-sitter (who let you stay up late)
Or your best friend's mother (really hot date)
Or your favorite cousin (she taught you how to french kiss)
Or Miss Finnegan from health class
I'm a school girl in knee socks (with pig-tails in her hair)
I'm Aphrodite for dinner (or Linda Carter)
I'm rose petals
I'm ruby wine
And if you want
I'll be the president's wife

Songwriters: Menzel, Idina / Davis, Milton
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, WINDSWEPT HOLDINGS LLC
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