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Modest Mouse

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Lyrics to All Night Diner
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Yeah, yes, yes Have I told ya You could really get it on? I was at an all night diner The sign said, "Triple X" But they were talking about root beer I'm just sitting down Thinking about nothing Looking at the thin air Breathing up the oxygen Have I told ya You could really get it on? A guy comes up, looking pretty 8-ball Snaggletooth smile, sits down at my table Puts his arm around me, starts to share his information He said, he said, he said [x4] this is what he said "I have sex, I'm always thinking about the pavement So I can avoid premature ejaculation" I got up, remembering to thank him Better things to do so I'll start drinking I'm in Tahoka, now I'm gonna hook up With the parties, unfortunately always No one has any ideas, damn Have I told ya? have I told ya? You could really get it on?

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