All My Heroes Are Weirdos Lyrics

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Lyrics to All My Heroes Are Weirdos
All My Heroes Are Weirdos Video:
Hey ho there's an open casting call 4 heroes
and all that showed up was nero
and it's all blurry but somehow he was hired

lay low cause he's gone and pissed himself laughing
pissed in the wind and said it was raning
said don't worry it'll put out the fire

if i do say so there's a lotta more story 2 unfold
cuz it'll twist and it'll turn till it's been told
that the truth is it's own supplies

i don't wanna talk about what was
can we please not talk about what is
y should we talk about what should b
when we could just talk about what could b

hey ho somewhere a dreamer ain't so silly after all
sees a crack where others c only wall

yeah all my heroes are weirdos

(Thanks to Ericka for these lyrics)
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