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Lyrics to All My Friends
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Everybody's goin out tonight

And everybody's hangin out tonight

It's alright

Listen to them

Show when they learn how to lie

You can sing along with them if you try

Holdin the spoken world up

I need it. I need it. I need it.

She's got a neck like a Saturday paper

You read it fast before the Sunday mass

Take it back it's nothing

it's nothing like it talks

Don't listen to me baby if you wanna survive

You did it you did you did it wrong.


It's evident to me


All the friends are strangers.

I'd like to take my story

To some place the don't know me

Creatures come out of the bars

Talk is small but you talk to Paul

Sold sex on Bird Cage walk

Boys are drinking and on the docks

Union man. I'm your friend

I need you when you listen to me

Weigh sand Buy Sand glass track

Closing off close off close off

OPEC dreams stock market close on the rock

And roll scale


No more partridge family dreams to the home land

Divorce countries
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