Lyrics to All Lit Up
All Lit Up Video:
All the bright blue sparks
You sent screamin' down the boulevard
They come back whispering
Just like me
And you're bloodshot stare
Burns straight through the daylight's glare
I don't know where you learned that look
But i know it didn't come free

You said you were a loaded gun
A clip-point blade
With a front-row seat
To the fool's parade
Thought i was bulletproof
Well honey, no one is
I got a pretty good view
From right here where i live
And everything is all lit up

All your midnight wolves
You keep 'em howlin' at themselves
I don't know how you think
Through all that whining
And your renaissance men
They're circling your gate again
So if it's all the same
I'll just stand back and watch you shining

Well you broke the lock
But you kept the chain
Then you fell in love
With your getaway
Your upstairs room
Ain't no place to hide
So grab your coat
Come take a look outside
Everything is all lit up
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