All Is Not Fair In Love And War Lyrics

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Lyrics to All Is Not Fair In Love And War
All Is Not Fair In Love And War Video:
This happens all too much.
The truth is not shown
and the decisions are not clear
and it keeps me awake at night staring at the clock watching hours pass
and I'm still awake

Will I sleep at all tonight?
Just to wake up to lies?

And it will be the ones closest to you that will take away your love
and make you want to go to war.
all is not fair in love and war

Watch my heart just stop.
watch my heart just stop pushing the blood in myself.
and I question what you are.
I question what we had
and I question everything.
now i say go on and leave my life
wipe those tears from your eyes.
I know all those tears are fake jsut like the memories
and the so-called dreams
and everything you said to me
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