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Lyrics to All In A Day's Work
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Sigh as the world dies in one day
As I was sleeping I helped them dig the grave
I heard the bombs break in a daze
When I awoke I found the world ablaze
And I've been waking up to no one
The emptiness arrives with the sun
There seems to be nowhere I can run
I only escape it in dream
Some days it's hard to believe
But the empty buildings reign and stain
They're all that remain in a world that begs for rain
To wash away the pain
I'm still waking up to no one
Each day I hope that I'll find someone
I search for signs of life and find none
This life is shadowed and bleak
I can't run, I can't hide
From the loneliness welling inside
And when the tear drops in the night it awakes a fire inside
I can't live, I can't die
I will lose my mind
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