Lyrics to All I Want
All I Want Video:
Is it getting better
Or have I failed to see
Deep lines run your face
Like a, like a river to the sea
Small white flowers
And acid leaves
Lay above your face
Where you used to breathe

All I want, is all I need
Take me high, let me see
All I want, is all I need
Take me there

Darkest is the hour
When you come to me
Low in sound
Goes my heart
Is this the witching hour
Or does my heart still bleed for you
I've seen your face before
Now it comes through in a dream

How can you take life with ease
Take all that meant much to me
I just want what you took from me
Songwriters: WILSON, ALICE
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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