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Richie Loop

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Lyrics to All I Really Know
All I Really Know Video:
[with Ajrenalin]

All I really know
When I'm up in the club
My problem goes away
My feelings got numb
So keep the drinks coming
The ladies wanna [?]
Put your lighters in the hip
[?] the way you love
Light it up and let it blow (repeats)
We got the jazz flow
[?] I make it slow

Richie Loop we keep it pumping
We keep it pumping
The whole [?] is rocking
You know we ain't stopping
We start like it ain't nothing
We won't [?]
We fly like Mary Pompin
We got flavors like [?].
This is the [?] that's gonna break you
[?] put your hand in the air now


This is how we do it
When we're rocking
[?] like you don't really care
The vibe in the club
Got me floating like I'm [?] [?]
Ladies jump in [?] another pair
[?] once in a year
They can decide where we [?]
The world seems [?] in care
My Ladies let me see your lighters in the air


Hey girl I really like your body
I really like your body
I see you in the party
So I offered you Baccardi
Shorty I really like your body
I really like your body
And I'm staying out [?].
You can meet me in the lobby
It's a party
We're gonna do it right
I see the ladies jumping
I know they're feeling nice
We're gonna party [repeats]

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