Lyrics to All I Need
All I Need Video:
Frailed memories /Are all i have of you/Beaten up pictures remind me/Of how it used to be/The best thing i ever did/Was get away from you/I don't need you/I've got/All I Need/I'll stay away from you /I've got/All I Need(2x)/Everything we had was just/Fucking fine/But without you/I can live my own life/You ran away from me/Well that's just fucking fine/My punk rock girlfriend /Is better than you/I'll stay away from you /I've got/All I Need(2x)/And you might try to call me/In desperation/And you might try to write/Well that's just fine/But you're not what i want/You're not what i need/I've got all i want/And all i ever need/I'll stay away from you /I've got/All I Need(2x)

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