All I Need Is A Holiday Lyrics

Fighting Gravity

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Lyrics to All I Need Is A Holiday
All I Need Is A Holiday Video:
Working all day and through the night
scream if you want I won't put up a fight
my car broke down and so did my head
if you don't stop now I'm gonna be dead

I looked for you three times today
but when I touched your hand you did not want to stay
you said you lost the chain that I gave to you
my tired old words I guess will never do

all I need is a holiday
some time to get away

the bottle runs dry
the money runs low
the car in front of me goes too slow
my back is aching and my eyes are sore
it seems that everyone I meet is such a bore

I walked alone in the quiet streets
the faceless stares I could feel their heat
forget my heart for a little while
find a drink
catch a smile

unemployment is close you see
my dog ran away cause he's smarter than me
the radio won't play my favorite song
it seems that everything I do just turns out wrong
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