All For The Money Lyrics

Harrison Hudson

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Lyrics to All For The Money
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She said
"I'll bet you 20 bucks that he'll be mine in a week."
It'll never happen
Hell I'll give you a month
"Then it's a deal
With a shake, let seduction begin
And hear how I'll win over his heart"

"I'll tell him that I want him
I'll tell him I care
I'll even tell him that I love him"
Aw girl you wouldn't dare

All for the money
All for the prize
All for my love
All for my heartache
Baby loving you was the biggest mistake of my life

Well Angela baby
You achieved your goal
Did you collect your fee?
I hope it wasn't at the cost of your soul
Now that you've got me

She said, "that's when he'll come to me"
She said, "that's when he will be mine
Then I'll tell him that I thnk we need some time
And maybe just for fun I'll break his heart"

Maybe I'll see it differently and say
"Better to have loved and lost"
But for now you're just the girl who came around
And you wrecked my world all for a bet
Now baby, that's the coldest part
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