Lyrics to All Five Boros
All Five Boros Video:
Get up everybody it\'s time to sway, ok, 5-Boro\'s on the mic with no delay (2x)

First there\'s Manhattan, where the ladies are Latin,
and they say hello as they pass
Then there\'s Brooklyn, where the honnies are cookin,
and you know that no means yes
Next there\'s Queens, with the girls and the jeans,
and they always look good in the park
Then there\'s the Bronx, with the girlies in the thongs,
and they\'re always out in the dark
And the Island of Staten, yea I know it\'s no Manhattan,
but the ladies there they sure are hot
And if you put those five together and your jackets made of leather,
tell me son what do you got?

You got All 5-Boros! (na-na-na-na-na-na)

We\'re called the 5-Boros and we want you to trust us
Cause we\'re always out there fighting for injustice
We know that no one is humanly equal
We liked Scream 1 but we hated the sequals
Middle Village, yea that\'s the place to be
Because we get out cars without the keys
It might be strange the way we handle our business
But we know the best hot chocolate is Swiss Miss
The way we do things with total control
If you step to us you better slow your roll
We drive around the boroughs all night long
And blasting form the speakers is this song
Down the block is 128\'s schoolyard
If you\'re there you gotta know how to play hard
All the greatest people that you\'ll ever wanna meet
Hand out there on the corner of seven oh street

You got All 5-Boros! (na-na-na-na-na-na)
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