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4ft. Fingers

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Lyrics to All Down Hill From Here
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I think of all the good points, but they're outweighed by the bad
Thinking that in 50 years I'll be grey and going mad
The though of old timer's disease, or dying at night because I freezed
I don't think I ever wanna be old

I don't ever wanna fall down that hill and break my hip
And every time that it gets cold I fall ill
And at last of all the lame day trips
It's something that scares me it's my deepest and most darkest fear
It's all down hill from here

I don't ever don't wanna grown old
I wish that Never Land was a true place
Book me a ticket I've got sun cream on my face
Pension day, forget what day
Feeding the ducks is the highlight of my day
Like a clock that's never ever wound
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