Lyrics to All By Yourself
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When your all by yourself
Standing on the edge of the World [x3]
Take a look at yourself
Don't fall back in (down)

Werd n Deek
Joint Addictions
Bring Da Ruckus

Why do I feel so alone
I'm consoling my soul
Trapped by myself and there's nowhere to go
Trying to find gold at the end of the road
No rainbow to follow so I make my own
Came a long way from the aches that Iv known
From mistakes that I've made I will shape and a'l mould
Coming from hell a was able to grow
Cause it's true what they say there's no place like home
Need to get my mind together to move on
Feels iv been wanna be someone for so long
Seems av been working for nothing it feels wrong
And there's not a lot changed
Same shit with new boss
A new day means a new chance to make a fortune
The only thing wrong is a don't have good fortune
So a planned it out to quit job for hip hop
But what the fuck am gonna rap about?
A was sixteen years young with no occupation
Good for a steam but a bad situation
Two months later a was rapping on stages
Chatting with agents trapped in the matrix
Am maybe not quite that far
Am still waiting on the call from your P.R. to make me a star
Take me afar
On spaceships chilling with stars
But they don't know who the fuck we are
And at times I ask myself where I really am now
Sitting in my room in the sky is a dark cloud
Joint in my left once again am getting high now
Drink in my right raising spirits from the glass now
Staring at the road ahead and it can only get better
Cause right now I feel alone and neglected
With the pen I can record if only a message
In a bottle just to send it to those who invested in us

When your all by yourself
Standing on the edge of the World
Take a look at yourself
Don't fall back in (down)

If I had a show would anyone show up?
Would they say the boys sick or a just froze up?
Am thinking that no ones giving a fuck
And all this Thinking got me thinking that I think too much
Hitting the wall till I burst my knuckles
Fallen to the floor am in ruins like rubble
They call it the game cause the game is a puzzle
Plus the boys Scottish so it adds to the struggle
Wish I could juggle
You know keep it up
Keep to the peak and the top of my work
But if the topic is work then it ain't to clear
Is rap really working with a blunt and beer?
In a wrap (And I rap) like Seeks hair
Whenever I be here
But feeling by myself without the crowd when they cheer
It's like a clouds here
Raining on this clown here
Did no one round here ever hear of getting out of round here?
A'l make that my resolution for the start of the year
Look at my note pad and note that the fire-works here
So like a love letter oh dear the rap game
I just wanna fuck with you is that ok?
I just wanna change all this change in my pocket
I'm telling you friends I need notes in my wallet
But don't wanna change with the fame or what you call it
When friends are only friends cause they noticing my wallet
The damn size of it
And how they wanna swap it
And it drives me to be a loner alcoholic
Standing on the edge by myself (by myself)
Thinking what would you do if I fell (if I fell)
Fuck all that's my reason to jump off
Plus am afraid of dying old and gray with a blood clot
Or locked up with a mug shot
Might as well be behind bars and just talk

When your all by yourself
Standing on the edge of the World [x3]
Take a look at yourself
Don't fall back in (down)
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