All Black (Outro) Lyrics

Kaleb Mitchell


Lyrics to All Black (Outro)
I don’t do this for y’all reactions
Or recognition
Y’all been late to the party anyway
I see y’all hustling
Getting your little streams off
I got enough flows to make a levee break
I give em hell for heaven’s sake
I’m anti all of y’all
Suckers so two faced
Woulda thought it was mardi gras
Momma was an immigrant
That’s where I got my hustle from
I ain’t seen a lotta niggas
Realer than my mother, son

Let it breathe
Multiply 11 by 365
That’s how long that I been at this
Don’t ever question the drive
I was on the sidelines
Just waiting to get a chance
Til I realized, I ain’t finna
Wait on no other man
It was dark times, momma sick
And bills is stacking up
Seen some people moving shifty
So I started lacking trust
Working til the crack of dawn
And then I had to catch the bus
Ain’t no money in my pockets
I was writing raps for lunch
But my focus never wavered
Dog I’m Kobe in the clutch
That was back when Uncle Ronny
Had them thoughts of giving up
Put a bullet through his temple
Now he’s gone man that was tough
I ain’t tripping cuz I know that
He be watching from above
Another day another dollar
But a dollar ain’t enough
I been down here in the trenches
Tryna get it out the mud, yeah

When I speak I don’t fabricate
’all just lie and exaggerate
Seen a lot of y’all run your mouth
Cuz you know can’t match the pace
BENCHWRMRS is in effect
Y’all exist on the internet
If I lost it, I’ll get it back
I don’t trip, I just triple that
No time for these leeches
My circle tighter than fitted caps
I’ma change the family’s predicament
With some written raps
Every single “L” I took and
Flipped em into hits, aye
I ain’t really seen nobody
Colder than me since Jay
If we being candid
I’ma problem for my class, G
Take away the label tricks
A lotta y’all is trash, G
You don’t wanna see me when
I get into my bag, G
‘Leven years in it
I been trolling for the past three
Let em do some catching up cuz
I was feeling bad, G
Now I’m tired of playing
Think it’s time for me to spa- man hold up

I used to dream about meeting all of my idols
Nowadays I’m more into
Beating all of my idols
Step to me I’ma just assume
That you suicidal
The kid has been a monster
Ain’t even close to my prime tho
That talking from the side
Man it’s time to lay that to rest
And this all black on me
You know what that represent
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