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Lyrics to All Available Light
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All available light
finds itself attached to you
and this, to relieve the things
that you know I'm going through.

As you speak them, words shake loose
from resonance of common use.
Tension transforms to tonic;
something catches your eye...

and we step out from the club
where the music blasts so loud.
We separate from a crowd
that I could not care less about,

as your hair coils and twists
like miniature Má¶bius strips,
reflecting slivers of streetlamp.
You have upset the night
with all available light.

On a dreamless sleep's vast landscape,
or in a car, curled like a cat,
or on a dance floor full of slack shoulders,
or from a pocket of a fraying backpack

some gifts arrive in distressing disguises,
but yours appear transparently;
no grand gestures, no definitive statements.
Just your remarkable glow.

And all discomfort will bow
to your luminosity
as I stare in disbelief
at all these things you've done for me.

But I will promise this to you:
whatever threatens to intrude
that you may construe as darkness,
then against this I will fight
with all available light.
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