Lyrics to All 4 Nuthin
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Chorus A man would die a thousand times Before he reach one with soul The one he beathes will be his last breath Or does any one ever known He died with his riches in the streets Because game, is all that he knows Sacrifice his life for the paper And that's just how the story goes You do it all for nothin' 6:30 in the mornin' my mama wakin' me up Tellin' me to get ready for school, or she gon' kick my butt Iron my jeans till they creased, put on nikes and a fleece She thinks I'm goin' to school, but I'm headed for them streets Before 12 am, I done did more shit than a marine Fall up in the school house, high off them greens Hoes bobbin', who that young nigga with the Figero They call him big Ball, but his real name is Primrol 4th period, american history ain't too interestin' My beeper blowin' up, my homies havin' a smoke session 30 minutes later, I'm stadnin' on the avenue Duck pulled up in the cut, thang Askin' me what I wanna do Jumped in the ride, fuck this shit, I ain't hesistatin' Trees, and chedddar cheese, keepin' me from graduatin' Hoes and clothes, Big bones, and vogues Young nigga puttin' in work, Superstar of the ghetto Chorus Summertime, every weekend the club packed After 10, if I don't hit ya back, that's where I'm at Me and my folks get mad love from the freaky hoes Sleaky hoes, right up under they nigga nose I'm at the bar gettin' lifted scopin' out the crew Niggaz chillin' after a hard week of payin' dues North Memphis niggaz Dick from Hollywood to Douglas On the dance floor, provin' that they hood the roughest South side, and cast day and niggaz will rob you quick Reposess what you posess like it was they shit But I was a player, to all the players in other hoods From dicks and hoes From Fraiser back to Westwood Now I'm 19, my job is to supply the fiends Cook the rock, morphine, or a bag of green Posted at my mom's house when in the came the door Black suits and search warrants and I'm the nigga they lookin' for Everybody wants to live the life The good life that was seen Nobody wants to pay the price But we want to live a life thats free Why would they make such a thin line Even below we're livin' it For the life, I would do anything Then do it all, then do it all All for nothin' All for nothin' All for nothin' Sometimes, we do it all for nothin' All for nothin' All for nothin' Sometimes, we do it all for nothin' All for nothin' All for nothin' Sometimes, we do it all for nothin' All for nothin' All for nothin' Sometimes, we do it all for nothin' I'm 25 now, been gone away for 5 strong And so much shit has changed around my mama's home My P-O, said a nigga can't achieve pay no more The justice system tryin' to play me with revolvin' door Violate parole and I'll be facin' time again In the penn, tell me how a nigga supposed to win? I hit my niggaz up who turned me on back in the game Finally came across some hedges and a quarter thing So much has changed, these young niggaz be snortin' cocaine Shootin' up heroin, and shootin' niggaz for ghetto fame I gotta lace my boots and wade through the muddy waters Prey on flesh, so I can feed my sons and daughters Ain't no love, niggaz hate to see another bubble At the club sittin' on chrome Brother playin' trouble Cheefin' hay, before I knew it steel was in my face I went for mine now I'm restin' in a better place Chorus

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