Lyrics to Alexi
Alexi Video:
My name is Alexei, I once was a farmer
And in '17 took up arms in the fight
And later I worked on the land for my country
And after my children slept hungry at night

But I hear that the miners in the state of Kentucky
Are not even as lucky as me
They cannot afford to buy shoes for their children
And why, oh why, are they frightened of me?

Our countries preach one word, yet practice another
In the name of freedom one fights in Vietnam
And the other sends soldiers to Czechoslovakia
And I from my window look out at the land

My name is Alexei and I am an old man
And all of my life I have worked on the land
The giver, the taker, receiver of all life
The blood and the dirt are ingrained in my hands

My body is broken but not yet my spirit
My eyes are tired but not yet my mind
Through the frail strength of age I can call you my brother
For I see that your hands are as dirty as mine

I see that your hands are as dirty as mine

(Thanks to James for these lyrics)
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