Alchemy Of Alleviation When A Fab Is Prevaricated Lyrics


Alchemists Earth Of Aeon A.C.

Lyrics to Alchemy Of Alleviation When A Fab Is Prevaricated
Alchemy Of Alleviation When A Fab Is Prevaricated Video:
The heat of your prevaricating
Is flaming and burning frightening deep
As my eyes now barely see your flesh
I ignite you into a lightening sleep

Unholy awakening for you
Because you ravaged your soul
The star of inner perspectives
Black and frozen, filled with foul

Darkness is your only witness
Provoking your rotting self
Barbaric splattered bones and blood
The foundation for your profligating

You give nothing about the life that's mine
Splashing in gore on graves you created
You practice to destroy what's worthy in life
With the father of darkness you have debated

But God, throw your thorn of thunder
Away from you in everlasting dire
And cast with almighty winds of power
The blasphemous, righteously into the lake of fire

You lied to me
Wished me all the best
I believed you were true to me
And my reward I found in my chest

Well, now I am revolting
Provoking against your words
For you adultered to my trust
And that hurts me

My blood is coagulating
My purple vanes utter my fear
Every bone transgresses my will
My hands are bound in mear

God, is it right to aid me?
Please alleviate this burden

I make my life clean for kingdoms sake
Unto the glory of the Lord
The brightly shining Light forever
Softly and hastily takes my soul

I know I am saved, Christ is alive
He's Gods victory over death
The devil is dying, bound everlasting
God will retaliate his damned soul
1 Proclamations directed to the ones that caused hurt to me. 2 Words directed to God
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